Oversand Expo


Welcome to OVERSAND EXPO !  This is not your normal day at the beach...it's more, so much more!!

OVERSAND EXPO is a brand new event focused on everything you can do on the sand and outdoors!  It’s kayaking, surfing, fat tire biking, surf fishing, camping, and the list goes on.

So what really is OVERSAND EXPO?  What goes on there?  Where is it held? Who can attend? 

OVERSAND EXPO is an event for anyone that enjoys outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter if you prefer the beach or the mountains, or whether those activities take place on the sand, in the dirt, or on the trail.  Regardless, we are sure we have something you will be interested in.

Throughout the weekend we plan to have vendors showing off their products and services.   Just some of the products that will be on display for you to check out are kayaks, surfboards, paddle boards, fishing rods, and rooftop tents.   We will also have car camping or EXPO gear vendors, 4wd part companies, and many more. Additionally, there will be opportunities to learn about new and different activities, as well as see demos of some new gear, as we are soliciting our attending vendors to host special seminars on different topics throughout the weekend.

Being a brand new event this year, we won’t have the detailed list of specific activities or vendors until we get closer to the event weekend.  If you’re interested in the outdoors, any of the activities listed above, or just want to camp on the beach for a weekend, you NEED to be at this year’s inaugural event!

Keep checking our website and our social media feeds for all of the newest information about what is happening at OVERSAND EXPO!